20th International Conference on Computational Linguistics
August 28th

Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-based Languages

Table of Contents

pdf ps Cover Page
pdf ps Preface
pdf ps Program Committee
pdf ps Program
pdf ps Table of Contents
pdf ps Full Proceedings
pdf ps Author Index
pdf ps bib Computer Processing of Arabic Script-based Languages. Current State and Future Directions
Ali Farghaly
pp. 1-1
pdf ps bib Developing an Arabic Treebank: Methods, Guidelines, Procedures, and Tools
Mohamed Maamouri and Ann Bies
pp. 2-9
pdf ps bib Preliminary Lexical Framework for English-Arabic Semantic Resource Construction
Anne R. Diekema
pp. 10-14
pdf ps bib The Architecture of a Standard Arabic Lexical Database. Some Figures, Ratios and Categories from the DIINAR.1 Source Program
Ramzi Abbès, Joseph Dichy and Mohamed Hassoun
pp. 15-22
pdf ps bib Systematic Verb Stem Generation for Arabic
Jim Yaghi and Sane Yagi
pp. 23-30
pdf ps bib Issues in Arabic Orthography and Morphology Analysis
Tim Buckwalter
pp. 31-34
pdf ps bib Finite-State Morphological Analysis of Persian
Karine Megerdoomian
pp. 35-41
pdf ps bib Arabic Script-Based Languages Deserve to be Studied Linguistically
Martin Kay
pp. 42-42
pdf ps bib An Unsupervised Approach for Bootstrapping Arabic Sense Tagging
Mona T. Diab
pp. 43-50
pdf ps bib Automatic Arabic Document Categorization Based on the Naïve Bayes Algorithm
Mohamed El Kourdi, Amine Bensaid and Tajje-eddine Rachidi
pp. 51-58
pdf ps bib A Transcription Scheme for Languages Employing the Arabic Script Motivated by Speech Processing Applications
Shadi Ganjavi, Panayiotis G. Georgiou and Shrikanth Narayanan
pp. 59-65
pdf ps bib Automatic Diacritization of Arabic for Acoustic Modeling in Speech Recognition
Dimitra Vergyri and Katrin Kirchhoff
pp. 66-73
pdf ps bib Letter-to-Sound Conversion for Urdu Text-to-Speech System
Sarmad Hussain
pp. 74-79
pdf ps bib Urdu Localization Project
Sarmad Hussain
pp. 80-81
pdf ps bib FarsiSum - A Persian Text Summarizer
Martin Hassel and Nima Mazdak
pp. 82-84
pdf ps bib Stemming the Qur'an
Naglaa Thabet
pp. 85-88
pdf ps bib Language Weaver Arabic->English MT
Daniel Marcu, Alex Fraser, William Wong and Kevin Knight
pp. 89-89
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