Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on NLP and XML (NLPXML-2004)

Nancy Ide, Vassar College, USA
Laurent Romary, Loria/CNRS, France
Graham Wilcock, University of Helsinki, Finland

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pdf ps bib Techniques for Text Planning with XSLT
Mary Ellen Foster and Michael White
pp. 1-8
pdf ps bib Towards Metadata Interoperability
Peter Wittenburg, Daan Broeder and Paul Buitelaar
pp. 9-16
pdf ps bib A Web Application using RDF/RDFS for Metadata Navigation
Xi Guo, Mark Chaudhary, Christopher Dozier, Yogi Arumainayagam and Venkatesan Subramanian
pp. 17-24
pdf ps bib The Semantics of Markup: Mapping Legacy Markup Schemas to a Common Semantics
Gary Simons, William Lewis, Scott Farrar, Terence Langendoen, Brian Fitzsimons and Hector Gonzalez
pp. 25-32
pdf ps bib Extensible MultiModal Annotation (EMMA)
Max Froumentin
pp. 33-34
pdf ps bib Converting Mikrokosmos Frames into Description Logics
Pablo Beltrán-Ferruz, P González-Calero and P Gervás
pp. 35-42
pdf ps bib Feeding OWL: Extracting and Representing the Content of Pathology Reports
David Schlangen, Manfred Stede and Elena Paslaru Bontas
pp. 43-50
pdf ps bib An Extensible Framework for Efficient Document Management using RDF and OWL
Erica Meena, Ashwani Kumar and Laurent Romary
pp. 51-58
pdf ps bib Towards Ontology-based Natural Language Processing
Dominique Estival, Chris Nowak and Andrew Zschorn
pp. 59-66