Proceedings of the

2002 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
(EMNLP 2002)


Jan Hajic and Yuji Matsumoto



pdf ps bib Discriminative Training Methods for Hidden Markov Models: Theory and Experiments with Perceptron Algorithms pp. 1-8
Michael Collins
pdf ps bib Conditional Structure versus Conditional Estimation in NLP Models pp. 9-16
Dan Klein  and  Christopher D. Manning
pdf ps bib An Incremental Decision List Learner pp. 17-24
Joshua Goodman

Word Sense Disambiguation
pdf ps bib Modeling Consensus: Classifier Combination for Word Sense Disambiguation pp. 25-32
Radu Florian  and  David Yarowsky
pdf ps bib Augmented Mixture Models for Lexical Disambiguation pp. 33-40
Silviu Cucerzan  and  David Yarowsky
pdf ps bib An Empirical Evaluation of Knowledge Sources and Learning Algorithms for Word Sense Disambiguation pp. 41-48
Yoong Keok Lee  and  Hwee Tou Ng

Parsing I / Coreference
pdf ps bib Parsing and Disfluency Placement pp. 49-54
Donald Engel, Eugene Charniak  and  Mark Johnson
pdf ps bib Combining Sample Selection and Error-Driven Pruning for Machine Learning of Coreference Rules pp. 55-62
Vincent Ng  and  Claire Cardie
pdf ps bib Transformational Priors Over Grammars pp. 63-70
Jason Eisner

Information Extraction / Machine Translation I
pdf ps bib Kernel Methods for Relation Extraction pp. 71-78
Dmitry Zelenko, Chinatsu Aone  and  Anthony Richardella
pdf ps bib Thumbs up? Sentiment Classification using Machine Learning Techniques pp. 79-86
Bo Pang, Lillian Lee  and  Shivakumar Vaithyanathan
pdf ps bib Extentions to HMM-based Statistical Word Alignment Models pp. 87-94
Kristina Toutanova, H. Tolga Ilhan  and  Christopher Manning
pdf ps bib From Words to Corpora: Recognizing Translation pp. 95-102
Noah A. Smith

Parsing II / Lexicons I
pdf ps bib Fast LR parsing Using Rich (Tree Adjoining) Grammars pp. 103-110
Carlos A. Prolo
pdf ps bib Handling Noisy Training and Testing Data pp. 111-116
Don Blaheta
pdf ps bib Spectral Clustering for German Verbs pp. 117-124
Chris Brew  and  Sabine Schulte im Walde
pdf ps bib Exploiting Strong Syntactic Heuristics and Co-Training to Learn Semantic Lexicons pp. 125-132
William Phillips  and  Ellen Riloff

Machine Translation II
pdf ps bib A Phrase-Based, Joint Probability Model for Statistical Machine Translation pp. 133-139
Daniel Marcu  and  Daniel Wong
pdf ps bib Minimum Bayes-Risk Word Alignments of Bilingual Texts pp. 140-147
Shankar Kumar  and  William Byrne
pdf ps bib User-Friendly Text Prediction For Translators pp. 148-155
George Foster, Philippe Langlais  and  Guy Lapalme

Machine Translation III / Information Retrieval I
pdf ps bib Generation of Word Graphs in Statistical Machine Translation pp. 156-163
Nicola Ueffing, Franz Josef Och  and  Hermann Ney
pdf ps bib Bootstrapping Lexical Choice via Multiple-Sequence Alignment pp. 164-171
Regina Barzilay  and  Lillian Lee
pdf ps bib NLP Found Helpful (at least for one Text Categorization Task) pp. 172-179
Carl Sable, Kathleen McKeown  and  Kenneth Church
pdf ps bib A Hybrid Approach to Natural Language Web Search pp. 180-187
Jennifer Chu-Carroll, John Prager, Yael Ravin  and  Christian Cesar
pdf ps bib A Method for Open-Vocabulary Speech-Driven Text Retrieval pp. 188-195
Atsushi Fujii, Katunobu Itou  and  Tetsuya Ishikawa
pdf ps bib Manipulating Large Corpora for Text Classification pp. 196-203
Fumiyo Fukumoto  and  Yoshimi Suzuki

Lexicons II
pdf ps bib Metonymy Resolution as a Classification Task pp. 204-213
Katja Markert  and  Malvina Nissim
pdf ps bib A Bootstrapping Method for Learning Semantic Lexicons using Extraction Pattern Contexts pp. 214-221
Michael Thelen  and  Ellen Riloff
pdf ps bib Ensemble Methods for Automatic Thesaurus Extraction pp. 222-229
James Curran

Language Modeling
pdf ps bib Using the Web to Overcome Data Sparseness pp. 230-237
Frank Keller, Maria Lapata  and  Olga Ourioupina
pdf ps bib The SuperARV Language Model: Investigating the Effectiveness of Tightly Integrating Multiple Knowledge Sources pp. 238-247
Wen Wang  and  Mary P. Harper
pdf ps bib Exploiting Headword Dependency and Predictive Clustering for Language Modeling pp. 248-256
Jianfeng Gao, Hisami Suzuki  and  Yang Wen

Question Answering / Language Understanding II
pdf ps bib An Analysis of the AskMSR Question-Answering System pp. 257-264
Eric Brill, Susan Dumais  and  Michele Banko
pdf ps bib A Machine-Learning Approach to Introspection in a Question Answering System pp. 265-272
Krzysztof Czuba, John Prager  and  Jennifer Chu-Carroll
pdf ps bib Extracting Clauses for Spoken Language Understanding in Conversational Systems pp. 273-280
Narendra Gupta  and  Srinivas Bangalore

Reserve Papers
pdf ps bib Combining Outputs of Multiple Japanese Named Entity Chunkers by Stacking pp. 281-288
Takehito Utsuro, Manabu Sassano  and  Kiyotaka Uchimoto
pdf ps bib Processing Comparable Corpora With Bilingual Suffix Trees pp. 289-295
Dragos Stefan Munteanu  and  Daniel Marcu
pdf ps bib Bootstrapping Named Entity Recognition for Italian Broadcast News pp. 296-303
Marcello Federico, Nicola Bertoldi  and  Vanessa Sandrini
pdf ps bib Phrasal Cohesion and Statistical Machine Translation pp. 304-311
Heidi Fox
pdf ps bib The Influence of Minimum Edit Distance on Reference Resolution pp. 312-319
Michael Strube, Stefan Rapp  and  Christoph Müller
pdf ps bib Information Extraction from Voicemail Transcripts pp. 320-327
Martin Jansche  and  Steven Abney