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Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL 2003 Workshop on Analysis of Geographic References

W03-0100: Front matter

W03-0101: Dimitar Manov; Atanas Kiryakov; Borislav Popov; Kalina Bontcheva; Diana Maynard; Hamish Cunningham
Experiments with geographic knowledge for information extraction

W03-0102: Richard Waldinger; Peter Jarvis; Jennifer Dungan
Pointing to places in a deductive geospatial theory

W03-0103: Olga Uryupina
Semi-supervised learning of geographical gazetteer from the internet

W03-0104: Kui Lam Kwok; Qiang Deng
GeoName: a system for back-transliterating pinyin place names

W03-0105: Jochen L. Leidner; Gail Sinclair; Bonnie Webber
Grounding spatial named entities for information extraction and question answering

W03-0106: Huifeng Li; K. Rohini Srihari; Cheng Niu; Wei Li
InfoXtract location normalization: a hybrid approach to geographic references in information extraction

W03-0107: David A. Smith; Gideon S. Mann
Bootstrapping toponym classifiers

W03-0108: Erik Rauch; Michael Bukatin; Kenneth Baker
A confidence-based framework for disambiguating geographic terms

W03-0109: Frédérik Bilhaut; Thierry Charnois; Patrice Enjalbert; Yann Mathet
Geographic reference analysis for geographic document querying

W03-0110: Amittai Axelrod
On building a high performance gazetteer database

W03-0111: Humphrey Southall
Defining and identifying the roles of geographic references within text

W03-0112: Ian Densham; James Reid
System Demo: A geo-coding service encompassing a geo-parsing tool and integrated digital gazetteer service

Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL 03 Workshop on Building Educational Applications Using Natural Language Processing

W03-0200: Front matter

W03-0201: Andrew Olney; Max Louwerse; Eric Matthews; Johanna Marineau; Heather Hite-Mitchell; Arthur Graesser
Utterance Classification in AutoTutor

W03-0202: Adam Carlson; Steven L. Tanimoto
Learning to Identify Student Preconceptions from Text

W03-0203: Ruslan Mitkov; Le An Ha
Computer-Aided Generation of Multiple-Choice Tests

W03-0204: Brian Mak; Manhung Siu; Mimi Ng; Yik-Cheung Tam; Yu-Chung Chan; Kin-Wah Chan; Ka-Yee Leung; Simon Ho; Jimmy Wong; Jacqueline Lo
PLASER: Pronunciation Learning via Automatic Speech Recognition

W03-0205: Carolyn P. Rosé; Diane Litman; Dumisizwe Bhembe; Kate Forbes; Scott Silliman; Ramesh Srivastava; Kurt VanLehn
A Comparison of Tutor and Student Behavior in Speech Versus Text Based Tutoring

W03-0206: Ola Knutsson; Teresa Cerrato Pargman; Kerstin Severinson Eklundh
Transforming Grammar Checking Technology into a Learning Environment for Second Language Writing

W03-0207: Thomas Landauer
Pasteur's Quadrant: Computational Linguistics, LSA, and Education

W03-0208: Dharmendra Kanejiya; Arun Kamar; Surenda Prasad
Automatic Evaluation of Students' Answers using Syntactically Enhanced LSA

W03-0209: Deryle Lonsdale; Diane Strong-Krause
Automated Rating of ESL Essays

W03-0210: Carolyn P. Rosé; Antonio Roque; Dumisizwe Bhembe; Kurt VanLehn
A Hybrid Text Classification Approach for Analysis of Student Essays

Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL 2003 Workshop on Building and Using Parallel Texts: Data Driven Machine Translation and Beyond

W03-0300: Front matter

W03-0301: Rada Mihalcea; Ted Pedersen
An Evaluation Exercise for Word Alignment

W03-0302: Dekang Lin; Colin Cherry
ProAlign: Shared Task System Description

W03-0303: Bing Zhao; Stephan Vogel
Word Alignment Based on Bilingual Bracketing

W03-0304: Michel Simard; Philippe Langlais
Statistical Translation Alignment with Compositionality Constraints

W03-0305: Herve Dejean; Eric Gaussier; Cyril Goutte; Kenji Yamada
Reducing Parameter Space for Word Alignment

W03-0306: John C. Henderson
Word Alignment Baselines

W03-0307: Michael Carl; Sisay Fissaha
Phrase-based Evaluation of Word-to-Word Alignments

W03-0308: Dan Tufic{s}; Ana-Maria Barbu; Radu Ion
TREQ-AL: A word alignment system with limited language resources

W03-0309: Bridget Thomson McInnes; Ted Pedersen
The Duluth Word Alignment System

W03-0310: Chris Callison-Burch; Miles Osborne
Bootstrapping Parallel Corpora

W03-0311: Mitsuo Shimohata; Eiichiro Sumita; Yuji Matsumoto
Retrieving Meaning-equivalent Sentences for Example-based Rough Translation

W03-0312: Eiji Aramaki; Sadao Kurohashi; Hideki Kashioka; Hideki Tanaka
Word Selection for EBMT based on Monolingual Similarity and Translation Confidence

W03-0313: Michel Simard
Translation Spotting for Translation Memories

W03-0314: Kaoru Yamamoto; Taku Kudo; Yuta Tsuboi; Yuji Matsumoto
Learning Sequence-to-Sequence Correspondences from Parallel Corpora via Sequential Pattern Mining

W03-0315: Bing Zhao; Klaus Zechner; Stephen Vogel; Alex Waibel
Efficient Optimization for Bilingual Sentence Alignment Based on Linear Regression

W03-0316: Dinh Dien; Hoang Kiem
POS-Tagger for English-Vietnamese Bilingual Corpus

W03-0317: Chun-Jen Lee; Jason S. Chang
Acquisition of English-Chinese Transliterated Word Pairs from Parallel-Aligned Texts using a Statistical Machine Transliteration Model

W03-0318: Takao Doi; Eiichiro Sumita
Input Sentence Splitting and Translating

W03-0319: Katri A. Clodfelder
An LSA Implementation Against Parallel Texts in French and English

W03-0320: Joel Martin; Howard Johnson; Benoit Farley; Anna Maclachlan
Aligning and Using an English-Inuktitut Parallel Corpus

W03-0321: Stephen Nightingale; Hideki Tanaka
Comparing the Sentence Alignment Yield from Two News Corpora Using a Dictionary-Based Alignment System

Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Natural Language Learning at HLT-NAACL 2003

W03-0400: Front matter

W03-0401: Yusuke Miyao; Jun'ichi Tsujii
A model of syntactic disambiguation based on lexicalized grammars

W03-0402: Libin Shen; Aravind K. Joshi
An SVM-based voting algorithm with application to parse reranking

W03-0403: Jason Baldridge; Miles Osborne
Active learning for HPSG parse selection

W03-0404: Ellen Riloff; Janyce Wiebe; Theresa Wilson
Learning subjective nouns using extraction pattern bootstrapping

W03-0405: Gideon Mann; David Yarowsky
Unsupervised Personal Name Disambiguation

W03-0406: Hiroyuki Shinnou; Minoru Sasaki
Unsupervised learning of word sense disambiguation rules by estimating an optimum iteration number in the EM algorithm

W03-0407: Stephen Clark; James Curran; Miles Osborne
Bootstrapping POS-taggers using unlabelled data

W03-0408: Tong Zhang; Fred Damerau; David Johnson
Updating an NLP system to fit new domains: an empirical study on the sentence segmentation problem

W03-0409: Mihai Rotaru; Diane J. Litman
Exceptionality and Natural Language Learning

W03-0410: Suzanne Stevenson; Eric Joanis
Semi-supervised Verb Class Discovery Using Noisy Features

W03-0411: Tom O'Hara; Janyce Wiebe
Preposition Semantic Classification via Treebank and FrameNet

W03-0412: Xin Li; Dan Roth; Yuancheng Tu
Phrasenet: towards context sensitive lexical semantics

W03-0413: Simona Gandrabur; George Foster
Confidence estimation for translation prediction

W03-0414: Katharina Probst
Using 'smart' bilingual projection to feature-tag a monolingual dictionary

W03-0415: Scott Cederberg; Dominic Widdows
Using LSA and Noun Coordination Information to Improve the Recall and Precision of Automatic Hyponymy Extraction

W03-0416: Takuya Matsuzaki; Yusuke Miyao; Jun'ichi Tsujii
An efficient clustering algorithm for class-based language models

W03-0417: Yoshimasa Tsuruoka; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Training a Naive Bayes Classifier via the EM Algorithm with a Class Distribution Constraint

W03-0418: Dominic R. Jones; Cynthia A. Thompson
Identifying Events using Similarity and Context

W03-0419: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang; Fien De Meulder
Introduction to the CoNLL-2003 Shared Task: Language-Independent Named Entity Recognition

W03-0420: Oliver Bender; Franz Josef Och; Hermann Ney
Maximum Entropy Models for Named Entity Recognition

W03-0421: Xavier Carreras; Lluís Márquez; Lluís Padró
A Simple Named Entity Extractor using AdaBoost

W03-0422: Xavier Carreras; Lluís Márquez; Lluís Padró
Learning a Perceptron-Based Named Entity Chunker via Online Recognition Feedback

W03-0423: Hai Leong Chieu; Hwee Tou Ng
Named Entity Recognition with a Maximum Entropy Approach

W03-0424: James Curran; Stephen Clark
Language Independent NER using a Maximum Entropy Tagger

W03-0425: Radu Florian; Abe Ittycheriah; Hongyan Jing; Tong Zhang
Named Entity Recognition through Classifier Combination

W03-0426: James Hammerton
Named Entity Recognition with Long Short-Term Memory

W03-0427: Iris Hendrickx; Antal van den Bosch
Memory-based one-step named-entity recognition: Effects of seed list features, classifier stacking, and unannotated data

W03-0428: Dan Klein; Joseph Smarr; Huy Nguyen; Christopher D. Manning
Named Entity Recognition with Character-Level Models

W03-0429: James Mayfield; Paul McNamee; Christine Piatko
Named Entity Recognition using Hundreds of Thousands of Features

W03-0430: Andrew McCallum; Wei Li
Early results for Named Entity Recognition with Conditional Random Fields, Feature Induction and Web-Enhanced Lexicons

W03-0431: Robert Munro; Daren Ler; Jon Patrick
Meta-Learning Orthographic and Contextual Models for Language Independent Named Entity Recognition

W03-0432: Casey Whitelaw; Jon Patrick
Named Entity Recognition Using a Character-based Probabilistic Approach

W03-0433: Dekai Wu; Grace Ngai; Marine Carpuat
A Stacked, Voted, Stacked Model for Named Entity Recognition

W03-0434: Tong Zhang; David Johnson
A Robust Risk Minimization based Named Entity Recognition System

W03-0435: Fien De Meulder; Walter Daelemans
Memory-Based Named Entity Recognition using Unannotated Data

Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL 03 Text Summarization Workshop

W03-0500: Front matter

W03-0501: Bonnie Dorr; David Zajic; Richard Schwartz
Hedge Trimmer: A Parse-and-Trim Approach to Headline Generation

W03-0502: Naomi Daniel; Dragomir Radev; Timothy Allison
Sub-event based multi-document summarization

W03-0503: Amardeep Grewal; Timothy Allison; Stanko Dimitrov; Dragomir Radev
Multi-document summarization using off the shelf compression software

W03-0504: Hongyan Jing; Daniel Lopresti; Chilin Shih
Summarization of Noisy Documents: A Pilot Study

W03-0505: Claire Grover; Ben Hachey; Chris Korycinski
Summarising Legal Texts: Sentential Tense and Argumentative Roles

W03-0506: Haiqin Zhang; Zheng Chen; Wei-ying Ma; Qingsheng Cai
A Study for Document Summarization Based on Personal Annotation

W03-0507: Manabu Okumura; Takahiro Fukusima; Hidetsugu Nanba
Text Summarization Challenge 2 - Text summarization evaluation at NTCIR Workshop 3

W03-0508: Hans van Halteren; Simone Teufel
Examining the consensus between human summaries: initial experiments with factoid analysis

W03-0509: Satoshi Sekine; Chikashi Nobata
A survey for Multi-Document Summarization

W03-0510: Chin-Yew Lin; Eduard Hovy
The Potential and Limitations of Automatic Sentence Extraction for Summarization

Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL 2003 Workshop on Learning Word Meaning from Non-Linguistic Data

W03-0600: Front matter

W03-0601: Kobus Barnard; Matthew Johnson; David Forsyth
Word Sense Disambiguation with Pictures

W03-0602: Jaety Edwards; Ryan White; David Forsyth
Words and Pictures in the News

W03-0603: Peter Gorniak; Deb Roy
Understanding Complex Visually Referring Utterances

W03-0604: Sven Wachsmuth; Suzanne Stevenson; Sven Dickinson
Towards a Framework for Learning Structured Shape Models from Text-Annotated Images

W03-0605: Keith Bonawitz; Anthony Kim; Seth Tardiff
An Architecture for Word Learning using Bidirectional Multimodal Structural Alignment

W03-0606: Peter Ford Dominey; Thomas Voegtlin
Learning Word Meaning and Grammatical Constructions from Narrated Video Events

W03-0607: Brian E. Pangburn; S. Sitharama Iyengar; Robert C. Mathews; Jonathan P. Ayo
EBLA: A Perceptually Grounded Model of Language Acquisition

W03-0608: Peter Carbonetto; Nando de Freitas
Why can't José read? The problem of learning semantic associations in a robot environment

W03-0609: Tim Oates
Grounding Word Meanings in Sensor Data: Dealing with Referential Uncertainty

W03-0610: Deb Roy; Kai-Yuh Hsiao; Nikolaos Mavridis
Conversational Robots: Building Blocks for Grounding Word Meaning

W03-0611: Ehud Reiter; Somayajulu Sripada
Learning the Meaning and Usage of Time Phrases from a Parallel Text-Data Corpus

W03-0612: Ulla Vanhatalo; Hilary Chan
Population Testing: Extracting Semantic Information On Near-Synonymy From Native Speakers

W03-0613: Brian Whitman; Deb Roy; Barry Vercoe
Learning Word Meanings and Descriptive Parameter Spaces from Music

Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL 2003 Workshop on Research Directions in Dialogue Processing

W03-0700: Front matter

W03-0701: Joyce Y. Chai; Pengyu Hong; Michelle X. Zhou
Combining Semantic and Temporal Constraints for Multimodal Integration in Conversation Systems

W03-0702: Renato De Mori; Frederic Béchet
Conceptual Language Models for Dialog Systems

W03-0703: Katrin Kirchhoff; Mari Ostendorf
Directions For Multi-Party Human-Computer Interaction Research

W03-0704: Hilda Hardy; Tomek Strzalkowski; Min Wu
Dialogue Management for an Automated Multilingual Call Center

W03-0705: Carl Burke; Christy Doran; Abigail Gertner; Andy Gregorowicz; Lisa Harper; Joel Korb; Dan Loehr
Dialogue complexity with portability? Research directions for the Information State approach

W03-0706: Jody J. Daniels; Helen Wright Hastie
The Pragmatics of Taking a Spoken Language System Out of the Laboratory

W03-0707: James Glass; Stephanie Seneff
Flexible and Personalizable Mixed-Initiative Dialogue Systems

Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL 2003 Workshop on Software Engineering and Architecture of Language Technology Systems (SEALTS)

W03-0800: Front matter

W03-0801: Mary S. Neff; Roy J. Byrd; Branimir K. Boguraev
The Talent System: TEXTRACT Architecture and Data Model

W03-0802: Ulrich Schäfer
WHAT: An XSLT-based Infrastructure for the Integration of Natural Language Processing Components

W03-0803: Valentin Tablan; Kalina Bontcheva; Diana Maynard; Hamish Cunningham
OLLIE: On-Line Learning for Information Extraction

W03-0804: Nancy Ide; Laurent Romary; Eric de la Clergerie
International Standard for a Linguistic Annotation Framework

W03-0805: Baden Hughes; Steven Bird
Grid-Enabling Natural Language Engineering By Stealth

W03-0806: James R. Curran
Blueprint for a High Performance NLP Infrastructure

W03-0807: Jochen Leidner
Current Issues in Software Engineering for Natural Language Processing

W03-0808: Rohini K. Srihari; Wei Li; Cheng Niu; Thomas Cornell
InfoXtract: A Customizable Intermediate Level Information Extraction Engine

W03-0809: Iryna Gurevych; Stefan Merten; Robert Porzel
Automatic Creation of Interface Specifications from Ontologies

W03-0810: David Ferrucci; Adam Lally
Accelerating Corporate Research in the Development, Application, and Deployment of Human Language Technologies

W03-0811: Gerd Herzog; Heinz Kirchmann; Stefan Merten; Alassane Ndiaye; Peter Poller
MULTIPLATFORM Testbed: An Integration Platform for Multimodal Dialog Systems

W03-0812: Hans-Ulrich Krieger
SDL---A Description Language for Building NLP Systems

Proceedings of the HLT-NAACL 2003 Workshop on Text Meaning

W03-0900: Front matter

W03-0901: Peter Clark; Phil Harrison; John Thompson
A knowledge-driven approach to text meaning processing

W03-0902: Lenhart Schubert; Matthew Tong
Extracting and evaluating general world knowledge from the Brown Corpus

W03-0903: Iryna Gurevych; Robert Porzel; Elena Slinko; Norbert Pfleger; Jan Alexandersson; Stefan Merten
Less is More: Using a single knowledge representation in dialogue systems

W03-0904: Sergei Nirenburg; Marjorie McShane; Stephen Beale
Operative strategies in ontological semantics

W03-0905: Victor Raskin; Sergei Nirenburg; Christian F. Hempelmann; Inna Nirenburg; Katrina E. Triezenberg
The genesis of a script for bankruptcy in ontological semantics

W03-0906: Cleo Condoravdi; Dick Crouch; Valeria de Paiva; Reinhard Stolle; Daniel G. Bobrow
Entailment, intensionality and text understanding

W03-0907: Erik T. Mueller
Story understanding through multi-representation model construction

W03-0908: Benjamin Van Durme; Yifen Huang; Anna Kup'{s}c; Eric Nyberg
Towards light semantic processing for question answering

W03-0909: Manfred Stede
Surfaces and depths in text understanding: The case of newspaper commentary

W03-0910: Paul Kingsbury; Karin Kipper
Deriving verb-meaning clusters from syntactic structure

Proceedings of the 2003 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

W03-1000: Front matter

W03-1001: Christoph Tillmann
A Projection Extension Algorithm for Statistical Machine Translation

W03-1002: Charles Schafer; David Yarowsky
Statistical Machine Translation Using Coercive Two-Level Syntactic Transduction

W03-1003: Woosung Kim; Sanjeev Khudanpur
Cross-Lingual Lexical Triggers in Statistical Language Modeling

W03-1004: Regina Barzilay; Noemie Elhadad
Sentence Alignment for Monolingual Comparable Corpora

W03-1005: Péter Dienes; Amit Dubey
Antecedent Recovery: Experiments with a Trace Tagger

W03-1006: John Chen; Owen Rambow
Use of Deep Linguistic Features for the Recognition and Labeling of Semantic Arguments

W03-1007: Michael Fleischman; Namhee Kwon; Eduard Hovy
Maximum Entropy Models for FrameNet Classification

W03-1008: Daniel Gildea; Julia Hockenmaier
Identifying Semantic Roles Using Combinatory Categorial Grammar

W03-1009: Dmitriy Genzel; Eugene Charniak
Variation of Entropy and Parse Trees of Sentences as a Function of the Sentence Number

W03-1010: Timothy Baldwin; Francis Bond
A Plethora of Methods for Learning English Countability

W03-1011: Julie Weeds; David Weir
A General Framework for Distributional Similarity

W03-1012: Libin Shen; Anoop Sarkar; Aravind Joshi
Using LTAG Based Features in Parse Reranking

W03-1013: Stephen Clark; James Curran
Log-Linear Models for Wide-Coverage CCG Parsing

W03-1014: Ellen Riloff; Janyce Wiebe
Learning Extraction Patterns for Subjective Expressions

W03-1015: Vincent Ng; Claire Cardie
Bootstrapping Coreference Classifiers with Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms

W03-1016: Pablo Ariel Duboue; Kathleen R McKeown
Statistical Acquisition of Content Selection Rules for Natural Language Generation

W03-1017: Hong Yu; Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou
Towards Answering Opinion Questions: Separating Facts from Opinions and Identifying the Polarity of Opinion Sentences

W03-1018: Jun'ichi Kazama; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Evaluation and Extension of Maximum Entropy Models with Inequality Constraints

W03-1019: Yasemin Altun; Mark Johnson; Thomas Hofmann
Investigating Loss Functions and Optimization Methods for Discriminative Learning of Label Sequences

W03-1020: Yaqian Zhou; Fuliang Weng; Lide Wu; Hauke Schmidt
A Fast Algorithm for Feature Selection in Conditional Maximum Entropy Modeling

W03-1021: Peng Xu; Ahmad Emami; Frederick Jelinek
Training Connectionist Models for the Structured Language Model

W03-1022: Massimiliano Ciaramita; Mark Johnson
Supersense Tagging of Unknown Nouns in WordNet

W03-1023: Natalia N. Modjeska; Katja Markert; Malvina Nissim
Using the Web in Machine Learning for Other-Anaphora Resolution

W03-1024: Hideki Isozaki; Tsutomu Hirao
Japanese Zero Pronoun Resolution based on Ranking Rules and Machine Learning

W03-1025: Xiaoqiang Luo
A Maximum Entropy Chinese Character-Based Parser

W03-1026: Hongyan Jing; Radu Florian; Xiaoqiang Luo; Tong Zhang; Abraham Ittycheriah
HowtogetaChineseName(Entity): Segmentation and Combination Issues

W03-1027: Manabu Sassano
Virtual Examples for Text Classification with Support Vector Machines

W03-1028: Anette Hulth
Improved Automatic Keyword Extraction Given More Linguistic Knowledge

Proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Information Retrieval with Asian Languages

W03-1100: Front matter

W03-1101: Chin-Yew Lin
Improving Summarization Performance by Sentence Compression --- A Pilot Study

W03-1102: Chuleerat Jaruskulchai; Canasai Kruengkrai
A Practical Text Summarizer by Paragraph Extraction for Thai

W03-1103: Qing Li; Byeong Man Kim
An Approach for Combining Content-based and Collaborative Filters

W03-1104: Liang Chen; Naoyuki Tokuda; Akira Nagai
A Differential LSI Method for Document Classification

W03-1105: Sang-Bum Kim; Hee-Cheol Seo; Hae-Chang Rim
Poisson Naive Bayes for Text Classification with Feature Weighting

W03-1106: Fuchun Peng; Xiangji Huang; Dale Schuurmans; Shaojun Wang
Text Classification in Asian Languages without Word Segmentation

W03-1107: Mineki Takechi; Takenobu Tokunaga; Yuji Matsumoto; Hozumi Tanaka
Feature Selection in Categorizing Procedural Expressions

W03-1108: Fatiha Sadat; Masatoshi Yoshikawa; Shunsuke Uemura
Learning Bilingual Translations from Comparable Corpora to Cross-Language Information Retrieval: Hybrid Statistics-based and Linguistics-based Approach

W03-1109: Tetsuya Sakai; Makoto Koyama; Masaru Suzuki; Akira Kumano; Toshihiko Manabe
BRIDJE over a Language Barrier: Cross-Language Information Access by Integrating Translation and Retrieval

W03-1110: Gina-Anne Levow
Issues in Pre- and Post-translation Document Expansion: Untranslatable Cognates and Missegmented Words

W03-1111: Yinghui Xu; Kyoji Umemura
Very Low Dimensional Latent Semantic Indexing for Local Query Regions

W03-1112: Hyo-Jung Oh; Myung-Gil Jang; Moon-Soo Chang
AnyQ: Answer Set based Information Retrieval System

W03-1113: Eiko Yamamoto; Masahiro Kishida; Yoshinori Takenami; Yoshiyuki Takeda; Kyoji Umemura
Dynamic Programming Matching for Large Scale Information Retrieval

W03-1114: Kam-Fai Wong; Nam-Kiu Chan; Kam-Lai Wong
Improving Document Clustering by Utilizing Meta-Data

W03-1115: Nobuyoshi Sato; Minoru Uehara; Yoshifumi Sakai
Temporal Ranking for Fresh Information Retrieval

W03-1116: Byeong Man Kim; Qing Li; Jong Wan Kim
Extraction of User Preferences from a Few Positive Documents

W03-1117: Seung-Shik Kang
Keyword-based Document Clustering

W03-1118: Shih-Hung Wu; Tzong-Han Tsai; Wen-Lian Hsu
Text Categorization Using Automatically Acquired Domain Ontology

W03-1119: Minh Le Nguyen; Susumu Horiguchi
A Sentence Reduction using Syntax Control

W03-1120: Fuminori Kimura; Akira Maeda; Masatoshi Yoshikawa; Uemura Shunsuke
Cross-Language Information Retrieval Based on Category Matching Between Language Versions of a Web Directory

W03-1121: Euisok Chung; Yi-Gyu Hwang; Myung-Gil Jang
Korean Named Entity Recognition using HMM and CoTraining Model

W03-1122: Key-Sun Choi; Jae-Ho Kim; Masaru Miyazaki; Jun Goto; Yeun-Bae Kim
Question-Answering Based on Virtually Integrated Lexical Knowledge Base

Proceedings of the ACL 2003 Workshop on Multilingual Summarization and Question Answering

W03-1200: Front matter

W03-1201: Ganesh Ramakrishnan; Apurva Jadhav; Ashutosh Joshi; Soumen Chakrabarti; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Question Answering via Bayesian Inference on Lexical Relations

W03-1202: Stephen Wan; Mark Dras; Cécile Paris; Robert Dale
Using Thematic Information in Statistical Headline Generation

W03-1203: Pascale Fung; Grace Ngai; Chi-Shun Cheung
Combining Optimal Clustering and Hidden Markov Models for Extractive Summarization

W03-1204: Chikashi Nobata; Satoshi Sekine; Hitoshi Isahara
Evaluation of Features for Sentence Extraction on Different Types of Corpora

W03-1205: Constantin Orasan
An Evolutionary Approach for Improving the Quality of Automatic Summaries

W03-1206: Sharon Small; Ting Liu; Nobuyuki Shimizu; Tomek Strzalkowski
HITIQA: An Interactive Question Answering System: A Preliminary Report

W03-1207: Roxana Girju; Manju Putcha; Dan Moldovan
Discovery of Manner Relations and Their Applicability to Question Answering

W03-1208: Jun Suzuki; Hirotoshi Taira; Yutaka Sasaki; Eisaku Maeda
Question Classification using HDAG Kernel

W03-1209: Deepak Ravichandran; Eduard Hovy; Franz Josef Och
Statistical QA - Classifier vs. Re-ranker: What's the difference?

W03-1210: Roxana Girju
Automatic Detection of Causal Relations for Question Answering

W03-1211: Wei Li; Rohini Srihari; Cheng Niu; Xiaoge Li
Question Answering on a Case Insensitive Corpus

Proceedings of the ACL 2003 Workshop on Natural Language Processing in Biomedicine

W03-1300: Front matter

W03-1301: Alex Morgan; Lynette Hirschman; Alexander Yeh; Marc Colosimo
Gene Name Extraction Using FlyBase Resources

W03-1302: Dominic Widdows; Stanley Peters; Scott Cederberg; Chiu-Ki Chan; Diana Steffen; Paul Buitelaar
Unsupervised Monolingual and Bilingual Word-Sense Disambiguation of Medical Documents using UMLS

W03-1303: Irena Spasic; Goran Nenadic; Sophia Ananiadou
Using Domain-Specific Verbs for Term Classification

W03-1304: Wen-Juan Hou; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Enhancing Performance of Protein Name Recognizers Using Collocation

W03-1305: Ki-Joong Lee; Young-Sook Hwang; Hae-Chang Rim
Two-Phase Biomedical NE Recognition based on SVMs

W03-1306: Yoshimasa Tsuruoka; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Boosting Precision and Recall of Dictionary-Based Protein Name Recognition

W03-1307: Dan Shen; Jie Zhang; Guodong Zhou; Jian Su; Chew-Lim Tan
Effective Adaptation of Hidden Markov Model-based Named Entity Recognizer for Biomedical Domain

W03-1308: Koichi Takeuchi; Nigel Collier
Bio-Medical Entity Extraction using Support Vector Machines

W03-1309: Kaoru Yamamoto; Taku Kudo; Akihiko Konagaya; Yuji Matsumoto
Protein Name Tagging for Biomedical Annotation in Text

W03-1310: Yun Niu; Graeme Hirst; Gregory McArthur; Patricia Rodriguez-Gianolli
Answering Clinical Questions with Role Identification

W03-1311: Eneida A. Mendonca; Janet Haas; Lyudmila Shagina; Elaine Larson; Carol Friedman
Extracting Information on Pneumonia in Infants Using Natural Language Processing of Radiology Reports

W03-1312: Serguei V. Pakhomov; James Buntrock; Christopher G. Chute
Identification of Patients with Congestive Heart Failure using a Binary Classifier: A Case Study.

W03-1313: Tomaz Erjavec; Jin-Dong Kim; Tomoko Ohta; Yuka Tateisi; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Encoding Biomedical Resources in TEI: The Case of the GENIA Corpus

W03-1314: Olivier Bodenreider; Serguei V. Pakhomov
Exploring Adjectival Modification in Biomedical Discourse Across Two Genres

W03-1315: Manabu Torii; Sachin Kamboj; K. Vijay-Shanker
An Investigation of Various Information Sources for Classifying Biological names

W03-1316: Goran Nenadic; Simon Rice; Irena Spasic; Sophia Ananiadou; Benjamin Stapley
Selecting Text Features for Gene Name Classification: from Documents to Terms

Proceedings of the ACL 2003 Workshop on the Lexicon and Figurative Language

W03-1400: Front matter

W03-1401: Wim Peters
Metonymy as a Cross-lingual Phenomenon

W03-1402: Antonietta Alonge; Margherita Castelli
Encoding Information on Metaphoric Expressions in WordNet-like Resources

W03-1403: Birte Lönneker
Is There a Way to Represent Metaphors in WordNets? Insights from the Hamburg Metaphor Database

W03-1404: Tony Veale
Systematicity and the Lexicon in Creative Metaphor

W03-1405: Kathleen Ahrens; Siaw Fong Chung; Chu-Ren Huang
Conceptual Metaphors: Ontology-based Representation and Corpora Driven Mapping Principles

W03-1406: Sheila R. Glasbey
Let's Paint the Town Red for a Few Hours: Composition of Aspect in Idioms

W03-1407: Yukiko Sasaki Alam
The Organization of the Lexicon: The Polysemy of Grow and Disambiguation

W03-1408: Chiaki Ohkura
The Semantics of Metaphor in the Game Theoretic Semantics with at Least Two Coordination Equilibria

Proceedings of the ACL 2003 Workshop on Multilingual and Mixed-language Named Entity Recognition

W03-1500: Front matter

W03-1501: Hsin-Hsi Chen; Changhua Yang; Ying Lin
Learning Formulation and Transformation Rules for Multilingual Named Entities

W03-1502: Fei Huang; Stephan Vogel; Alex Waibel
Automatic Extraction of Named Entity Translingual Equivalence Based on Multi-Feature Cost Minimization

W03-1503: Tadashi Kumano; Hideki Kashioka; Hideki Tanaka; Takahiro Fukusima
Construction and Analysis of Japanese-English Broadcast News Corpus with Named Entity Tags

W03-1504: Lluís Màrquez; Adrià de Gispert; Xavier Carreras; Lluís Padró
Low-cost Named Entity Classification for Catalan: Exploiting Multilingual Resources and Unlabeled Data

W03-1505: Diana Maynard; Valentin Tablan; Hamish Cunningham
NE Recognition Without Training Data on a Language You Don't Speak

W03-1506: Kuniko Saito; Masaaki Nagata
Multi-Language Named-Entity Recognition System based on HMM

W03-1507: Stephanie Strassel; Alexis Mitchell
Multilingual Resources for Entity Extraction

W03-1508: Paola Virga; Sanjeev Khudanpur
Transliteration of Proper Names in Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval

W03-1509: Youzheng Wu; Jun Zhao; Bo Xu
Chinese Named Entity Recognition Combining Statistical Model wih Human Knowledge

Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Paraphrasing

W03-1600: Front matter

W03-1601: Raymond Kozlowski; Kathleen F. McCoy; K. Vijay-Shanker
Generation of Single-sentence Paraphrases from Predicate/Argument Structure using Lexico-grammatical Resources

W03-1602: Kentaro Inui; Atsushi Fujita; Tetsuro Takahashi; Ryu Iida; Tomoya Iwakura
Text Simplification for Reading Assistance: A Project Note

W03-1603: Hiroyuki Okamoto; Kengo Sato; Hiroaki Saito
Preferential Presentation of Japanese Near-synonyms using Definition Statements

W03-1604: Fabio Rinaldi; James Dowdall; Kaarel Kaljurand; Michael Hess; Diego Mollá
Exploiting Paraphrases in a Question Answering System

W03-1605: Noriko Tomuro
Interrogative Reformulation Patterns and Acquisition of Question Paraphrases

W03-1606: Caroline Brun; Caroline Hagège
Normalization and Paraphrasing Using Symbolic Methods

W03-1607: Hiroko Inui; Masao Utiyama; Hitoshi Isahara
Criterion for Judging Request Intention in Response Texts of Open-Ended Questionnaires

W03-1608: Ali Ibrahim; Boris Katz; Jimmy Lin
Extracting Structural Paraphrases from Aligned Monolingual Corpora

W03-1609: Yusuke Shinyama; Satoshi Sekine
Paraphrase Acquisition for Information Extraction

W03-1610: Hua Wu; Ming Zhou
Optimizing Synonym Extraction Using Monolingual and Bilingual Resources

W03-1611: Takenobu Tokunaga; Hozumi Tanaka; Kenji Kimura
Paraphrasing Japanese Noun Phrases using Character-based Indexing

W03-1612: Hiroshi Kanayama
Paraphrasing Rules for Automatic Evaluation of Translation into Japanese

W03-1613: Ingrid Zukerman; Sarah George; Yingying Wen
Lexical Paraphrasing for Document Retrieval and Node Identification

Proceedings of the Second SIGHAN Workshop on Chinese Language Processing

W03-1700: Front matter

W03-1701: Mu Li; Jianfeng Gao; Chang-Ning Huang; Jianfeng Li
Unsupervised Training for Overlapping Ambiguity Resolution in Chinese Word Segmentation

W03-1702: Tracy Lin; Jason S. Chang
Class Based Sense Definition Model for Word Sense Tagging and Disambiguation

W03-1703: Ding Liu; Chengqing Zong
Utterance Segmentation Using Combined Approach Based on Bi-directional N-gram and Maximum Entropy

W03-1704: Shengfen Luo; Maosong Sun
Two-Character Chinese Word Extraction Based on Hybrid of Internal and Contextual Measures

W03-1705: Wei-Yun Ma; Keh-Jiann Chen
A Bottom-up Merging Algorithm for Chinese Unknown Word Extraction

W03-1706: Honglin Sun; Dan Jurafsky
The Effect of Rhythm on Structural Disambiguation in Chinese

W03-1707: Nianwen Xue; Martha Palmer
Annotating the Propositions in the Penn Chinese Treebank

W03-1708: Tianfang Yao; Wei Ding; Gregor Erbach
CHINERS: A Chinese Named Entity Recognition System for the Sports Domain

W03-1709: Hua-Ping Zhang; Qun Liu; Xue-Qi Cheng; Hao Zhang; Hong-Kui Yu
Chinese Lexical Analysis Using Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model

W03-1710: GuoDong Zhou
Modeling of Long Distance Context Dependency in Chinese

W03-1711: GuoDong Zhou; Jian Su
A Chinese Efficient Analyser Integrating Word Segmentation, Part-Of-Speech Tagging, Partial Parsing and Full Parsing

W03-1712: Mingqin Li; Juanzi Li; Zhendong Dong; Zuoying Wang; Dajin Lu
Building a Large Chinese Corpus Annotated with Semantic Dependency

W03-1713: Sujian Li; Houfeng Wang; Shiwen Yu; Chengsheng Xin
News-Oriented Automatic Chinese Keyword Indexing

W03-1714: Qing Ma; Yujie Zhang; Masaki Murata; Hitoshi Isahara
Semantic Maps for Word Alignment in Bilingual Parallel Corpora

W03-1715: Oliver Streiter
Abductive Explanation-based Learning Improves Parsing Accuracy and Efficiency

W03-1716: Hui Wang; Shiwen Yu
The semantic Knowledge-base of Contemporary Chinese and Its Applications in WSD

W03-1717: Andi Wu
Learning Verb-Noun Relations to Improve Parsing

W03-1718: Xiaodan Zhu; Mu Li; Jianfeng Gao; Chang-Ning Huang
Single Character Chinese Named Entity Recognition

W03-1719: Richard Sproat; Thomas Emerson
The First International Chinese Word Segmentation Bakeoff

W03-1720: Masayuki Asahara; Chooi Ling Goh; Xiaojie Wang; Yuji Matsumoto
Combining Segmenter and Chunker for Chinese Word Segmentation

W03-1721: Aitao Chen
Chinese Word Segmentation Using Minimal Linguistic Knowledge

W03-1722: Duan Huiming; Bai Xiaojing; Chang Baobao; Yu Shiwen
Chinese Word Segmentation at Peking University

W03-1723: Guohong Fu; Kang-Kwong Luke
A Two-stage Statistical Word Segmentation System for Chinese

W03-1724: Chunyu Kit; Zhiming Xu; Jonathan J. Webster
Integrating Ngram Model and Case-based Learning for Chinese Word Segmentation

W03-1725: Q. Lu; S. T. Chan; R. F. Xu; T. S. Chiu; B. L. Li; S. W. Yu
A Unicode Based Adaptive Segmentor

W03-1726: Wei-Yun Ma; Keh-Jiann Chen
Introduction to CKIP Chinese Word Segmentation System for the First International Chinese Word Segmentation Bakeoff

W03-1727: Andi Wu
Chinese Word Segmentation in MSR-NLP

W03-1728: Nianwen Xue; Libin Shen
Chinese Word Segmentation as LMR Tagging

W03-1729: Jin Yang; Jean Senellart; Remi Zajac
SYSTRAN's Chinese Word Segmentation

W03-1730: Hua-Ping Zhang; Hong-Kui Yu; De-Yi Xiong; Qun Liu
HHMM-based Chinese Lexical Analyzer ICTCLAS

W03-1731: GuoDong Zhou
Chunking-based Chinese Word Tokenization

Proceedings of the ACL 2003 Workshop on Multiword Expressions: Analysis, Acquisition and Treatment

W03-1800: Front matter

W03-1801: James Dowdall; Fabio Rinaldi; Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan; Eric SanJuan
Complex Structuring of Term Variants for Question Answering

W03-1802: Béatrice Daille
Conceptual Structuring through Term Variations

W03-1803: Takaaki Tanaka; Timothy Baldwin
Noun-Noun Compound Machine Translation A Feasibility Study on Shallow Processing

W03-1804: Alexandre Gil; Gaël Dias
Using Masks, Suffix Array-based Data Structures and Multidimensional Arrays to Compute Positional Ngram Statistics from Corpora

W03-1805: Takashi Tomokiyo; Matthew Hurst
A Language Model Approach to Keyphrase Extraction

W03-1806: Gaël Dias
Multiword Unit Hybrid Extraction

W03-1807: Scott S. L. Piao; Paul Rayson; Dawn Archer; Andrew Wilson; Tony McEnery
Extracting Multiword Expressions with A Semantic Tagger

W03-1808: Aline Villavicencio
Verb-Particle Constructions and Lexical Resources

W03-1809: Colin Bannard; Timothy Baldwin; Alex Lascarides
A Statistical Approach to the Semantics of Verb-Particles

W03-1810: Diana McCarthy; Bill Keller; John Carroll
Detecting a Continuum of Compositionality in Phrasal Verbs

W03-1811: Kiyoko Uchiyama; Shun Ishizaki
A Disambiguation Method for Japanese Compound Verbs

W03-1812: Timothy Baldwin; Colin Bannard; Takaaki Tanaka; Dominic Widdows
An Empirical Model of Multiword Expression Decomposability

W03-1813: Beata Trawinski
Licensing Complex Prepositions via Lexical Constraints

Proceedings of the ACL 2003 Workshop on Linguistic Annotation: Getting the Model Right

W03-1900: Front matter

W03-1901: Nancy Ide; Laurent Romary
Outline of the International Standard Linguistic Annotation Framework

W03-1902: Renata Vieira; Caroline Gasperin; Rodrigo Goulart; Susanne Salmon-Alt
From Concrete to Virtual Annotation Mark-up Language: The Case of COMMOn-REFs

W03-1903: Philipp Cimiano; Siegfried Handschuh
Ontology-based Linguistic Annotation

W03-1904: Srinivas Narayanan; Miriam R. L. Petruck; Collin F. Baker; Charles J. Fillmore
Putting FrameNet Data into the ISO Linguistic Annotation Framework

W03-1905: Nancy Ide; Alessandro Lenci; Nicoletta Calzolari
RDF Instantiation of ISLE/MILE Lexical Entries

W03-1906: Fabio Rinaldi; James Dowdall; Michael Hess; Kaarel Kaljurand; Andreas Persidis
Parmenides: An Opportunity for ISO TC37 SC4?

Proceedings of the ACL-2003 Workshop on Patent Corpus Processing

W03-2000: Front matter

W03-2001: Liang Chen; Naoyuki Tokuda; Hisahiro Adachi
A Patent Document Retrieval System Addressing Both Semantic and Syntactic Properties

W03-2002: Jean-Charles Lamirel; Shadi Al Shehabi; Martial Hoffmann; Claire Francois
Intelligent Patent Analysis through the Use of a Neural Network: Experiment of Multi-Viewpoint Analysis with the MultiSOM Model

W03-2003: Makoto Iwayama; Atsushi Fujii; Noriko Kando; Akihiko Takano
Overview of Patent Retrieval Task at NTCIR-3

W03-2004: Kazuaki Kishida
Pseudo Relevance Feedback Method based on Taylor Expansion of Retrieval Function in NTCIR-3 Patent Retrieval Task

W03-2005: Hideo Itoh; Hiroko Mano; Yasushi Ogawa
Term Distillation in Patent Retrieval

W03-2006: Khurshid Ahmad; AbdulMohsen Al-Thubaity
Can Text Analysis Tell us Something about Technology Progress?

W03-2007: Akihiro Shinmori; Manabu Okumura; Yuzo Marukawa; Makoto Iwayama
Patent Claim Processing for Readability - Structure Analysis and Term Explanation

W03-2008: Svetlana Sheremetyeva
Natural Language Analysis of Patent Claims

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